Fuzzwich for teaching

Fuzzwich is a free tool for creating short animated videos or “minivids.” You can select from a range of settings,  cartoon characters, and music backgrounds to customize your video. You can put your own head on a character’s body and put it through the motions with a menu of  actions and some simple motion paths.

It’s easy to get started. Fuzzwich is completely online. No downloads are required and you don’t even have to register. The downside to this is that you can’t view a library of your minivids or edit them later. You also can’t  add recordings that aren’t in the content library or give your characters’  actual voices—they have to communicate with speech bubbles.  However, this  platform’s evolving, so that may change, and there’s still a lot you can do with Fuzzwich in the meantime.

Instructional strategies

Fuzzwich can be used as a motivational tool. Create  short videos to:

  • grab attention
  • get students thinking and talking about a scenario
  • stimulate recall of prior knowledge

This short video can walk you through how to use Fuzzwich.

Fuzzwich isn’t intended to create complex masterpieces. Still, even with only 20 seconds of video time, some of the minivids on the site are quite good. Because it’s so easy to use, learners can readily use this tool themselves to create their own microstories, engage in role-playing activities, and share opinions creatively.

For more examples  of Fuzzwich videos:

Fuzzwich for health education I

Fuzzwich for health education II


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