Pearltree: a bookmarking and visualization tool

Pearltree is a social bookmarking tool that allows you to organize your Web pages and easily find pages that others have bookmarked.

The technology (or what are my powers?)

As shown in the video, Pearltree is both a bookmarking and a visualization tool.

As you create Pearltrees (analogous to lists or folders), you’re able to see the connections between your trees and the trees of other users.

Your view expands to reveal other Pearltrees on related topics.

You also can find related Pearltrees by using the search field.

In my hands, this allowed me to find the more relevant Pearltrees.

You can add the Pearltrees that others have created to your own Pearltree and your expanded Pearltree will receive updates each time new pearls are added to these Pearltrees. You can also select individual pearls from a Pearltree of interest, add them to your dropbox and then add these pearls to your own Pearltree.

Your ultimate tree can become quite complex.

One particularly nice feature of Pearltree is the ability to sync it with Twitter.

This allows you to add Pearls each time you tweet a url and also allows you to Tweet updates to your Pearltrees (while wisely limiting the number of Tweets you can make). It doesn’t add urls from your retweets, however.

Instructional strategies

Like all bookmarking tools, Pearltree provides a way to organize data and that can be a first step in the process of making sense of data. For me, the value-add of Pearltree is being able to quickly find related Web pages of interest so I can add them to my own collection. I can quickly  show relationships between these Web pages by creating branches rather than tagging. This is a mixed blessing since the relationships are not necessarily transparent to others. There’s also limited ability to annotate Web pages and so this tool doesn’t replace Diigo in my mind. The ability to quickly add your Tweeted urls to your Pearltree dropbox is a nice feature. I’m just not sure it’s enough of a nice feature to make me use Pearltree at the same time as Diigo.

2 responses to “Pearltree: a bookmarking and visualization tool

  1. Thank you very much for this post!

    I’m really happy that you enjoy using Pearltrees! Your elearning tools pearltree is very interesting! I’ll pick it 🙂

    Just a precision with regard to Diigo: we don’t aim at replacing them, we consider our services complementary. When they allow you to collect, highlight and remember anything, using tags, we offer you to organize, share and discover what you like on the web, with a visual organization 🙂

    Antoine (Community Manager at Pearltrees)

  2. I do find myself returning to Pearltrees, so it is quite addictive and it’s handy to have items automatically added to the dropzone from Twitter so I can organize them later. I also appreciate the email notifications provided when others have linked to my trees, pointing out that I might want to check out theirs. That’s a great idea. I still happen to reach for Diigo first, but as you pointed out, these are complementary tools.

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