10 of 10: an eclectic learning mix

Today’s post is a short one. Part of creating a personal knowledge management system is finding online tools for organization, reflection, or just creative venting. Here are 10 sites with 10 tools or resources that you may find useful or just fun to use. (Check out number 4. You know you want to.)

  1. 10 free online mindmapping tools
  2. 10 tweet-searching tools
  3. 10 sites for backchanneling
  4. 10 fun doodling applications
  5. 10 sites for creating digital magazines and newspapers
  6. 10 tools for testing your web site on mobile devices
  7. 10 free screencasting tools
  8. 10 free collaboration tools
  9. 10 online note taking tools
  10. 10 Web sites with mega-lists of learning tools (ok, this is cheating a bit)

Tired of tools? Here are 10 (plus 1) must-read books for instructional designers.

Remember, we  should “harness technology to the needs of education, rather than simply search for problems to which the latest technology is a solution” (Laurillard, 2008). At the same time, I’d add that we should take some joy in experimenting and innovating.

Have any favorite top ten lists?


Laurillard, D. (2008). The teacher as action researcher: Using technology to capture pedagogic form. Studies in Higher Education, 33(2), 139-154.


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