Wozaik: A New Bookmarking Tool for Interactive Content Creation

Wozaik is a new bookmarking tool that allows you to display selected Web page content on a single page while preserving the content’s interactivity.

The technology (or what are my powers?)

After you’ve registered at Wozaik and added the Wozaik bookmarklet to your browser, you’re ready to get started.

You can choose to capture a snippet of a Web page, a thumbnail, or (if it’s available) an RSS feed from the site. The video below demonstrates how to capture discrete portions of a Web site.

First, let me say that this program is in alpha, so you will find bugs and you can provide feedback to the folks at Wozaik so they can make it a better tool. In my hands, once my bookmark page started getting full, it was more difficult to move my captures around. Additionally, there’s no zoom-in tool yet, so some captures may display with very small text. There’s also no ability to annotate what you’ve selected to show on your bookmark pages.

However, despite these caveats, I think Wozaik is a very promising tool. What I especially like is the ability to preserve a web page’s functionality on a bookmark page.  I’m able to capture YouTube Videos, Slideshares, and even a poll I created (using Flisti).

Here’s the link to this particular page—I’ve used it to collect resources on Informal Learning.

Instructional strategies

Wozaik allows learners to capture and display the most relevant sections of Web pages relating to a topic on a single page, which requires reflection on the actual content of the Web page. The ability to move captures around requires learners to consider the story they are trying to tell. Being able to add interactivity makes the material more engaging and therefore potentially more memorable.

As an instructor, you can create learning pages using Wozaik, providing a mix of multimedia content as described above.

You might want to compare Wozaik to some other bookmarking tools like:

  • Notefish (allows you to capture Web page snippets on a single page, although you won’t be able to preserve interactivity)
  • Mashtabs (a virtual bulletin board, which displays web page thumbnails and does allow you to preserve interactivity, but doesn’t allow you to control what portion of a Web page you display)

Other tools for packaging information, multimedia, and interactive web sites (though not all on a single page) include:

My bottom line: The alpha version of Wozaik isn’t quite ready for prime-time yet when it comes to using it  as a teaching application, but this is certainly a tool to watch. And, if you kick the tires now,  your feedback may help steer the development of this tool.

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