Smartsheet: Easy GANTT chart creation

I was looking for a web-based tool that would allow me to quickly create a GANTT chart  and came across Smartsheet.

The technology (or what are my powers?)

Smartsheet allows you to quickly define tasks and propose dates for these tasks in a table format, providing access to a calendar as you start to input dates.   By toggling your view mode, you can see the corresponding GANTT chart that’s created.  An overview of Smartsheet’s features is provided in the video below.

In addition to GANTT chart creation, Smartsheet provides additional project management features. You can provide multiple users with access to your project timeline and these users can add comments and attach files to task rows.

The tool also comes with a number of handy export features as shown below.

Instructional strategies

Smartsheet is provides a quick and easy way to manage projects and to get input from collaborators. As an instructional designer, it’s useful for setting up informal collaborations on the fly. It’s also useful for students working in teams to keep track of their own efforts.

Smartsheet offers a free 30-day trial and after that pricing varies with the number of sheets desired, though an unlimited number of users can collaborate on projects.


One response to “Smartsheet: Easy GANTT chart creation

  1. Informative smart sheet! It provides additional project management features and easy way to manage projects and to get input from collaborators. Thanks…

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