Wiggio for Project Management & Collaboration

Wiggio is a versatile project management and collaboration tool.

The technology (or what are my powers)

It’s easy to create groups on Wiggio once you register (for free).

Simply name your group. Once you’ve set up a group, you get a dedicated listserv email for that group along with a Web page url.

As the group administrator, you can set the initial communication defaults (group members can later select their own preferred defaults). Invite others to your group via email or by sending an invitation url.

Wiggio is loaded with project-management features. You can upload and share documents from your hard drive or create a new web-based document (powered by Zoho). You can also attach links to Web pages to share these with your group.

You can collaborate on documents on the fly and can easily keep track of document versions.

Wiggio also comes with a variety of messaging capabilities, including voice notes, emails, and text messages (SMS). You can set preferences on Wiggio so that only admins can send mass text messages.

For a free tool, Wiggio includes particularly nice meeting options.

These include the ability to set up conference calls on the fly, create a chatroom, and set up a virtual meeting space.

Additional project management features include the ability to:

  • Add events to a calendar (you can sync the Wiggio calendar to external tools such as Google Calendar)
  • Create a to-do list (you can date and assign tasks)
  • Poll your group to gain consensus on various topics

An overview of Wiggio’s features is included here in this YouTube video.

But if  you’re working inside the Wiggio application and need help, it’s also easy to access video tutorials, by simply clicking on “Walk-throughs.”

You also can learn more about Wiggio by reading this FAQ page.

Instructional strategies

Wiggio is a great way to organize collaborative projects. It’s easy to set up groups, doesn’t require a huge learning curve, and yet offers many sophisticated features. The virtual meeting room  allows you to conduct a web conference, share your screen, and send a file or screen shots to participants. You can even allow participants to collaborate via a virtual whiteboard. The chat room is available for any live discussions and the teleconference feature allows you to set up instant teleconferences, generating a free call-in number for participants. With built-in document management features, messaging features, and task-lists, Wiggio offers a simple way to manage multiple groups and keep them on task and engaged.

One response to “Wiggio for Project Management & Collaboration

  1. It is nice. An alternative, especially for schools is http://Enterthegroup.com. This is also free and was designed to help students working on group projects by providing them with tools and advice on how to get organized and communicate in groups. It also has nice features like virtual classrooms and blogging, instant message, to-do lists etc.

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