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Storytelling meets Web 2.0

As part of week 3’s assignment for the open digital storytelling class I’m taking (ds106), we were asked to reflect on two articles:

Storytelling 2.0

Web 2.o stories (which can include digital stories and transmedia stories) are cross-media, exploratory, and unpredictable.  To commemorate this, here’s my story about storytelling 2.o using SlideRocket. (This is my first time using this tool, so  I’m celebrating the experimental aspect of Web 2.0 storytelling!)

Storytelling 2.0

To give you a feel for the varied nature of Storytelling 2.0, I’ve listed some Web 2.0 stories, you might want to explore.

More about SlideRocket

SlideRocket is a presentation tool which can be used for digital storytelling, education, presentations, and marketing (since it comes with an analytics component).

To learn more about SlideRocket, check out this video.

Additional digital storytelling resources

More digital storytelling tools you might want to explore can be found in my Diigo list of digital storytelling resources and tools: Digital storytelling.


(I had a bit of difficulty including multiple hyperlinks on a single SlideRocket slide, so I’ve listed the individual links below.)

Shambhala Imagination Light by h. koppdelany
Just like diamonds by Wayne’s World 7
Details from the Expiatory Sutra II
by moriza
Corey the diver by vgm8383
L’Arbre a la Palabre by an untrained eye
Une representation de mon réseau social dans Facebook by luc legay
Alone at the beach by Stuck in Customs
Winding by glenn~
Imperial Investigation School by Stéfan