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Adding interactivity to Flickr photos

Flickr is a well-known photo sharing site, but did you know that you can also use it to add interactivity to your photos?

The technology (or what are my powers?)

Step 1. Select a photo you want to annotate and/or add interactivity to.

In this case, I selected an image I created using Tagxedo. It illustrates the topics I tend to Tweet about on Twitter as @callooh.

Step 2. Access the drop down menu associated with Actions and select “Add a note.”

Step 3. Move the hotspot box that appears over an area you want a viewer to interact with and drag its corner to resize it.

Step 4. Add a note and/or url. (Flickr doesn’t accept shortened links, so you have to add the complete url.)

To view all of the interactivity, see: My Twitter stream on Flickr. (The interactivity doesn’t port to a Slideshow, unfortunately.)

Instructional strategies

You can add to the information content of a photo or illustration by adding annotations and links to external websites or other Flickr content.

You can create challenges for your learners by using your notes to ask questions or to suggest problem-based learning activities. You can  link to external sites to provide hints or resources for further exploration.  You can also link to sites with additional interactivity (e.g., to quiz pages, polls, videos, etc.). One thing to bear in mind is that the linked page won’t open in a new window, so you may want to warn viewers (e.g., in your note) to click the back button if you want them to explore more features of the image.

(In my example, I added a poll to the image. Find it on the image or participate here.)

You also can use the annotation and linking potential of notes to create a digital story, linking readers to different Flicker photos in a desired sequence.

Finally, you can adjust your account settings to make note addition a collaborative affair.

The “Add notes” feature of Flickr is not that well known, but it can make photo and image sharing a much  richer experience.