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TalkMiner: Finding the talks you need

First of all, if you’re an instructor don’t lecture! Or at least keep it short and mixed with interactivity and problem-solving exercises. But now that that’s out of the way, if you’re a learner and looking for a webcast, talk, or lecture on a subject, TalkMiner is a database you should check out.

After entering keywords, you can refine your search using a number of different filters, as shown in the illustration.

You do have some ability to pull content because you can search for keywords within a video, so you’re not compelled to proceed through a video in a linear fashion.

For more how-to information and to get an understanding of how TalkMiner works, check out this video (which I found by searching TalkMiner).

As explained in the video, the way TalkMiner searches videos makes it quite likely that you’ll pull up interesting relevant content and sometimes, when those highly interactive tutorials evade you or they’re accompanied by dollar signs you can’t pay, this might be what you need.