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QRnote: Connect a quick note to a QR code

If you want to quickly create a  source of content to go with a QR code that’s a bit more than a text message or contact information but a bit less than a Web page, QRnote may be right for you.

The technology (or what are my powers?)

Choose “Create QRnote” or “START HERE.”

Either option will provide you with access to a text box where you can enter text, links, and images (not video, alas).

You can associate additional information with your QRnote.

When you save your information, you get both a link and a QR code, of course, that when scanned, will direct a viewer to your note.

You can always go back and edit your note later.

QRnote is in beta so additional features might be added. I’d love it if you could also embed code for videos or add functional widgets to a note.

Instructional strategies

I’ve outlined some of the reasons you might want to use a QRnote in the note itself, but if you don’t have a smartphone with a QR code reader handy…

  • You can use a QRnote to quickly create and share information  without creating a Web page or blog page to do so
  • You can link learners to a collection of urls
  • You can also add images to your QRnote
  • You can link learners to interactivity (by linking to  a poll, for example, and/or by enabling the comment field) at the same time you’re providing information.
  • Your QRnote will be formatted to be readable on a mobile phone

Here’s the link to the QR note I created.

This isn’t a giant leap in terms of innovative tech, but it’s a handy one.