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The Foresight Engine: Divergent thinking for health

In the previous post, I described strategies and tools for fostering divergent thinking.  Today, I came across a unique alternative reality game (ARG) that attempts to foster divergent thinking as a way to obtain novel drug discovery solutions.

The  Institute for the Future, working with  the Myelin Repair Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has created a web-based game that attempts to tap into the divergent thinking of its players to come up with approaches to neurological disease cures. You can access some information about the  game at  breakthroughstocures.org.

Players involved in the game are invited to imagine a future scenario in 2020 where a neurological disease is expected to infect as many as 100 million in the US.

The imaginary scenario is shown in the video below.

Players are part of a panel investigating ways to speed up the progress of research and  are asked to imagine that they can:

  • get any resource needed
  • remove any obstacle
  • change any practice
  • collaborate across any boundary

The rules of the game are described further here.

As noted by the Web site,

You don’t have to be a medical expert or a scientist to play.  If you care about accelerating the pace of medical research and getting new medicines to patients faster you should play.

The thinking is that novel ideas can come from diverse sources and that good ideas don’t always have to come from experts. To take part in the November 9-10, game, you can pre-register at  www.breakthroughstocures.org. I did and I’ll share my experiences!