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Synergies between instructional design and healthcare efforts

As a newcomer to my current position in a healthcare organization and as an instructional designer, I’m often struck by the strong parallels between instructional design approaches and patient safety efforts

  • Both rely on a recognition of the importance of systems and human-system interactions
  • Both are enriched by diverse voices and energized by bottom-up engagement (from a committed frontline staff in the case of patient safety efforts and from self-directed learners in the case of instructional design)
  • Both require change management efforts to mobilize the necessary resources and to support the culture required to sustain quality efforts
  • Both can benefit from the power of technology to create distributed networks of individuals willing to share their wisdom and learn from each other 
  • Both probably underutilize this technology or may not sufficiently tap into the important human elements required to grow these networks
  • Both benefit from keeping an eye on diverse fields for innovative solutions
  • Both are driven by a passion to create real and lasting impact for good

That’s probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the synergies between the two and it makes what I do  feel both challenging and exciting.