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Son of Citation Machine

If you are in that seventh circle of Hell, er, highly edifying place, that requires you to check citation formats and you don’t have a program that automates the process, Son of Citation Machine may be a useful tool.

Son of Citation Machine is a free online citation wizard that will guide you to the proper citation format if you are using any of the following styles.

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Turabian
  • Chicago

Once you’ve identified the relevant style, select the type of work you’d like to cite.

After selecting the publication type, a screen will display that will prompt you to input information relating to the citation.

The wizard generates both a bibliographic citation and an in-text citation. You still should proofread the citation, particularly since the wizard won’t allow you to use internal capitalization, which is sometimes appropriate (e.g., it would not allow me to capitalize Autism Spectrum Disorder using the input field).

Still, this tool gets you most of the way there and is great for helping you with trickier citations such as conference proceedings and podcasts. Of course, you should learn the citation formats of whatever style you’re using, but it always helps to have an extra pair of “eyes” on your work.