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Mindmapping with Think

Think is a web-based mindmapping tool that’s easy to use and manipulate.  It was created by Ashley Sands  using HTML5, Django, Google App Engine, and JQuery, and kindly made public.

The technology (or what are my powers?)

Registration is free and you can log in using your Open ID, Google or Yahoo account.

You get started with a central node and can add additional nodes and text information. Selecting a node gives you access to editing tools.

Double clicking on a node gives you access to a text field. There are limited options here, so you won’t be able to add live links or images.

An example of a mind map on motivational design is shown below.

(You can read more about motivational design in this great book by John M. Keller, Motivational Design for Learning and Performance: The ARCS Model Approach.)

Instructional Strategies

Think is not a power tool in the sense that you can’t add images and other assets to nodes but you don’t always need a power tool. I like that it’s web-based; the nodes are easy to manipulate ,and you aren’t stuck with a focus on a central node since you can sever connections and create multiple mini-maps on a single page as shown below.

You can use Think to:

  • Brainstorm a course outline, learning module, or research project
  • Develop story ideas
  • Develop a mental model of a subject
  • Map the steps of a procedure
  • Map the relationships between elements of a process
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