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justnear.me: Social QR-Coded Messages

Newly launched, justnear.me allows you to make, and track the use of, location-sensitive and/or time-sensitive QR codes.

The technology (or what are my powers)

Sign up for free at justnear.me.  The platform allows you to create QR codes associated with an  interaction (basically a description and comment field), url, or  display text.

As the name implies, an  interaction code allows you to post a bit of text (for example, a question) and invite viewers to leave comments when they access the QR code associated with the text. The QR code below is an example of an interaction code.

What makes justnear.me different from other QR code generators is the ability to set limits on the location in which the interaction QR code works.

You can also limit the time period during which a QR-coded message will appear by targeting a particular date and time range. Note that if you target a date, the QR code note will only function on that date (i.e., setting a date overrides the “forever option”) but you can further limit the number of hours the QR code message will be accessible.

Further, interaction QR codes can be linked to Facebook checkins which means you can connect the QR codes to the additional communication features of Facebook Places. (Of course, you’ll want to make sure you set your privacy features if you are using Facebook Places.)

The justnear.me platform  comes with an analytics tool that allows you to determine the numbers and locations of viewers who are accessing and interacting with your QR codes. The analytics tool doesn’t associate the actual comments people provide to particular locations (which would be a nice feature), but you can view the comments using the unique url assigned to your QR code or by accessing the QR code using your own mobile device.

You can also use justnear.me in more traditional ways, for example, to associate a QR code with a url or with some display text, as noted above. You won’t be able to limit the location or time period during which these types of codes are functional but users will be able to check in on Facebook when they interact with the display QR code information. Additionally, you will be able to tap into the analytics information associated with both display codes and url-associated codes.

A display text-associated QR code is shown below.

A url-associated QR code is displayed below (links to the justnear.me video).

The video below takes you through the basics of using justnear.me.

Instructional strategies

You can use justnear.me as a traditional QR code generator for any of the instructional uses mentioned in previous posts (listed below). You might also want to use interaction QR codes to assess interactions with information/questions at particular times and places of your choosing. For example, you might want to determine whether viewers from different cohorts (location-based, or time-based) provide different answers or comments to a question or bit of text you’ve posted via an interaction QR code to do a bit of educational research.

The justnear.me platform is evolving so it will be interesting to see new features that are added. To learn more about use cases being tested, you may want to follow the justnear.me blog.

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