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Using Web Intents in WordPress

WordPress has made it easy to include interactive images of Tweets in your blog thanks to Blackbird Pie and Twitter’s Web Intents tool.  Happily, if you’re a WordPress user, you don’t have to think about any coding— the WordPress folks have made it easy.

Start by finding a Tweet you’d like to display and click on the time stamp associated with it.

This takes you to a page where the individual Tweet is displayed. Copy the url associated with the Tweet.

Next,  just copy the url on its own line in your blog.

The displayed Tweet is shown below. As you’ll see if you move your cursor over various parts of the Tweet image, it’s interactive. You can reply, retweet, or favorite the tweet or find more tweets by the Twitter user by clicking on their user name. Hashtags also are interactive.

Instructional strategies

This is an instructional design blog, so there have to be some instructional considerations in this post. Besides the marketing uses of Web intents, including  interactive Tweet(s) in your blog provides you with a way to create some deeper context for a Tweet or series of Tweets. Viewers can choose to carry on a discussion relating to the Tweet in the commenting section of the blog or they can start interacting on Twitter, where there may be a faster pace to the conversation or where you may be using  hashtag(s) (#healthlit or #hcsm, in this case)  to create a  chat.

A note about copyrights

In this post, I used one of my own Tweets as an example and you do want to consider copyrights when you reproduce someone else’s Tweets.   Whether a Tweet is protected under US copyright law is very fact dependent (as is the issue of fair use, a defense to copyright infringement).  Often Tweets are not copyright protected, but you do want to run through the issues first (Original expression? Reporting a fact? Representing  scènes à faire?).  When in doubt, ask permission.

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