Resources for problem-based learning

As a a prelude to a posting on problem-based learning outside of educational institutions, I’d like to share some resources I found and collected using LiveBinders.

Problem-based learning opportunities are characterized by their fuzziness. Problems are often vague, complex, and can be solved in multiple ways—in other words, they mirror real-world problems. Learners who approach PBL challenges have to come up with ways to:
  • represent a problem and/or divide it into sub-problems
  • search for solutions
  • implement solutions

Problem-based learning can be performed as a solo act but it’s typically enriched by team participation and multiple viewpoints.

Because of the time it takes for learners to engage in PBL, incorporating PBL into corporate training can be challenging. (I’m distinguishing PBL from scenario or simulation training which involves solving problems that are typically set out in a more structured way.)  However, there are ways to implement PBL in corporate settings. More about this in the next post.

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